Husky Flashlights – Unbreakable Aluminum Flashlight

Let’s face it, there are a ton of flashlights available on the market today.  You can buy anything from a $5 flashlight to a $500 flashlight and sometimes even higher.  So what flashlight is the best on the market?  Well that really depends upon what you will be using the flashlight for.  So I guess in the end, there really isn’t a “best” flashlight available. However each category has some nice flashlights to choose from.  So for today, we are just covering the stick flashlight.  Even in this area, you have a ton of options such as these Husky lights, Maglite, Streamlight and more.  So what is a great flashlight to invest in?  You need something that has a ton of light, is tough and won’t break the bank.  With that said, let me introduce you to the new Husky Flashlights.

If you are not familiar with Husky, it’s Home

Milwaukee High Output LED Jobsite Lighting

Lighting is a fast-growing segment of the tool industry with many new products illuminating the dark spaces of the jobsite. Milwaukee hopes to brighten up the space further with four new Milwaukee high output LED jobsite lighting solutions ranging from 1,000 to 4,400 lumens available in October. Milwaukee High Output LED Jobsite Lighting: Milwaukee M18 Rocket First […]

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Future of Cordless Power Tools, 10.0Ah and Beyond

A couple of years ago we went on a rant Future of Cordless Power Tools, 5.0Ah and Beyond where we predicted a bunch of cordless power tools we’d hope to see in the next couple years and whamo they almost all came true. Cordless SDS-Max hammer, cordless table saw, cordless trim router, cordless miter saws (full size), cordless HEPA vacs, battery to AC power inverters and more are all available at your local tool store today (or very very soon). Clearly we’re not psychic it’s pretty systematic as battery technology improves it’s logical all the next most popular, higher voltage tools will go cordless. So what might be coming next?

We just did a post about some of the new battery cell technology (18650 vs 20700) and how that plays into power tools with LiHD vs FlexVolt vs M18 and others, it got us think again. It seems like if we look 2,

Empire e75.72 72-Inch Box Level

For as long as builders have wanted their structures to stay upright they’ve wanted their materials to be level. Ancient Egyptians used an A-frame tool with a plumb line to find horizontal level. Then around 1661, Melchisedech Thevenot invented the spirit level – so named for the alcohol in the vial – that used a bubble to indicate levelness. […]

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Keter Master Pro Sliding Tool Chest

If you have never had a chance to check out Keter products, I would highly suggest seeing what they are all about.  I have to admit that before I knew them as a company, I would see some of their stuff at stores.  However I never really took the time to check them out.  I just saw that they were plastic products and would always take a pass.  Not that plastic is bad, but I have run across too many products that were cheaply made from a flimsy plastic.  One day Keter reached out to us, so we thought why not give them a chance and see what they are all about.  Now Keter doesn’t pay us to look at these products, so when I say they are quality products, I am saying it because that is what I truly believe.  I have yet to find a Keter product I

2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

This year the Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges had their work cut out for them. 2016 has seen tons of tool innovation and advancements. We’ve seen products introduced that we never would have thought possible just a  few short years ago. When our judges selected the winners for the 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards we didn’t realize just how difficult some […]

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Cordless Power Tool LiHD Battery Cells, 18650 vs 20700

We recently attended the Metabo media event and got our hands on the cordless 9” grinder running on their 36V LiHD which is roughly the equivalent to a 20+ amp corded power tool. No question it was the most powerful cordless tool we’ve ever used. So what’s different with LiHD technologies and how could a tool brand with such a small share of cordless market be ahead in battery technology.

Before LiHD all lithium ion power tools (4v-80v) used some sort of configuration of 18650 li-ion cells, these cells produce 3.6V and measure 18mm x 65mm (hence 18650). There are hundreds of variations of these size of cells that can perform very differently but very few actual manufacturers, two of the most popular are Samsung and Panasonic/Sanyo. Most of the big name tool brands use Samsung but Metabo gets their cells from Panasonic/Sanyo who is focusing their efforts

7” Milwaukee M18 FUEL Variable Speed Polisher
The M18 Fuel battery is packed full of fuel, and the Milwaukee variable speed polisher delivers the power. If you are in the auto detailing business, I highly recommend the Milwaukee M18 fuel variable speed polisher.
It was a 1975 Chevy Camaro with Keystone Classic wheels and Cragar louvers covering the rear window. Forest Green paint and gloss black racing stripes reflecting the metallic sun; seeing that car was love at first sight. The love of cars is deep in my family heritage, and there is nothing I can do about it. Along with buying that Camaro, as a result my obsession with clean vehicles took root. Out of my garage started a detailing business that has provided for my family through thick and thin. Now, here I am, more than 30 years after starting Michael’s Auto Detailing, telling you about this Milwaukee M18 Fuel variable speed polisher.
From rubbing out Enamel paint jobs by hand, wet sand and polishing polyurethane, and even compounding boats, it’s fair to say that I have experience in most of the finishes covering our vehicles. I understand what it takes to polish a car, and I have seen power tools come and go over the decades. When Shop Tool Reviews said they had a cordless polisher they wanted me to try, my thoughts of failure were quite certain. Then, they told me it was a 7” Milwaukee variable speed polisher that could complete a full-size car on one battery. I was confident that even the best 18V wouldn’t stand a chance to accomplish this task.

Milwaukee WorkSkin Shirt – Keep Warm and Dry

I have to admit that when we went to the Milwaukee Tool Media event, I was excited about seeing all the new tools.  While I was extremely impressed with everything, I was most excited about the Milwaukee WorkSkin shirt.  I know, it’s a little weird, but I have my reasons.  Now while I don’t do construction work anymore, there was a time I did.  I still remember those days of being outside in the cold and could never get comfortable.  I was either too hot or too cold.  I would sweat at times and shiver at other times.  Then I had those days I just wanted to peel my clothes off because I wasn’t comfortable in my shirt.  Luckily for everyone on the job site, I never went that far.  So when I found out Milwaukee has a new shirt available, I was excited because for me, it was about time.  Now

Tools of the Trade Magazine Final Issue

It was with great sadness that we opened up this issue of Tools of the Trade and read from Editor Chris Ermides that this would be the magazine’s final issue in print. Tools of the Trade magazine has been around long, long time and certainly represented one of the most hands-on magazines in the construction […]

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