Milwaukee Tool 3/8” Socket Sets SAE & Metric chrome sockets Hand Tools Milwaukee Milwaukee tools socket sets sockets 

Milwaukee Tool 3/8” Socket Sets SAE & Metric

http://www.coptool.com/milwaukee-tool-38-socket-sets-sae-metric/ As Milwaukee Tool continues to expand upon their Hand Tool arsenal Chrome Socket Sets does seem like the next logical step. While these sockets sets are traditionally considered “mechanics tools” every electrician, plumber, HVAC, service tech and the list goes on, has a socket set in their bag or truck. Milwaukee’s new Contractor ratchet and socket sets, both SAE... Read More
Milwaukee Tool Framing Hammers Spring 2017 framing hammer Hand Tools Milwaukee milwaukee hammers Milwaukee tools 

Milwaukee Tool Framing Hammers Spring 2017

http://www.coptool.com/milwaukee-tool-framing-hammers-spring-2017/ We have been waiting for many years for the Milwaukee Framing Hammers, ever since they acquired the premium Stiletto Hammer line it seemed like a logical way to expand their offering. Launching in April there will be 5 new hammers: two 17oz hammers 48-22-9016 milled face $39, 48-22-9017 smooth face $39, as well as two 22oz hammers 48-22-9022 milled... Read More
Choosing The Right Circular Saw Blade Accessories Hand Tools Power Tools 

Choosing The Right Circular Saw Blade

https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/choosing-right-circular-saw-blade/27537/We’ve written about table saw blade height, using miter saws, table saw safety tips, and caring for circular saw blades, but with so many types of circular saw blades available, how in the world do you go about choosing the right one for the job? Even if you know how to use a miter saw The post Choosing The... Read More
Gerber US-Assist Folding Knife Review Hand Tools 

Gerber US-Assist Folding Knife Review

https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/hand/cutting-chisels/gerber-us-assist-folding-knife-review/28307/The Gerber US-Assist is the latest from our friends at Gerber Gear. Having just heard Kenny Koehler raving about the design of their Center-Drive multi-tool, I had to take a closer look at this new folding pocket knife. As a kid, I remember when my dad would come home from working at the machine shop The post Gerber US-Assist... Read More
Irwin 6-in-1 Nut Drivers Review Hand Tools 

Irwin 6-in-1 Nut Drivers Review

http://toolguyd.com/irwin-6-in-1-nut-drivers-review/ A few months ago I posted about new Klein Multi-Nut drivers. In that post several commenters mentioned the Irwin multiple size nut drivers and wanted us to take a closer look. The Irwin 6-in-1 nut drivers each come with 3 double-sided sockets that are stored away on a 6mm hex shaft inside the handle, rather than stacking like Russian dolls. All of the... Read More
Empire Level Tape Measures Upgraded Hand Tools 

Empire Level Tape Measures Upgraded

https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/hand/measuring-levels/empire-level-tape-measures-upgraded/28106/Empire Level tape measures have recently been upgraded with the introduction of a new series of autolock and chrome designs. All new tape measures feature a nylon-coated blade, reinforced 5-screw housing, a marking surface, and a belt clip. The autolock series also includes an auto locking brake and fractional printing. Empire Level tape measures are The post Empire Level... Read More
Pro Tip: Caring for Circular Saw Blades Accessories Hand Tools Power Tools 

Pro Tip: Caring for Circular Saw Blades

https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/caring-for-circular-saw-blades/25366/Unless you’re whittling a piece that you chopped from a tree, all the wood in carpentry projects came into contact with a circular saw blade at some point. But the circular saw blade is easy to neglect. We know when the blade gets dull but how are you caring for circular saw blades between the time The post Pro Tip:... Read More
Ox Tools 48-Inch Trade Wood Mason Level Hand Tools 

Ox Tools 48-Inch Trade Wood Mason Level

https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/hand/measuring-levels/ox-tools-48-inch-trade-wood-mason-level/28059/The mark of good carpentry and masonry are level and plumb lines. Derek Nichelson recently gave you a short history of the bubble, or spirit, level and said, “When you’ve got a good thing going, why stop it?” I agree; although some excellent digital newcomers have arrived, I plan to find level the same way craftsmen The post Ox Tools... Read More
Diablo Framing Saw Blade with Tracking Point Review Accessories Hand Tools 

Diablo Framing Saw Blade with Tracking Point Review

https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/accessories/diablo-framing-saw-blade-tracking-point-review/28057/We recently made a head-to-head (or maybe tooth-to-tooth) comparison between several different circular saw blades across classes (framing and demo/multi-purpose) where I included the remarkably profound observation that blades are a significant contributing factor to overall saw performance (insert your own sarcastic response here). So it makes sense that we should know more about them to The post Diablo Framing... Read More
New Milwaukee Lockback Knife Hand Tools 

New Milwaukee Lockback Knife

http://toolguyd.com/milwaukee-lockback-knife/ Milwaukee has come out with a new Lockback pocket knife, 48-22-1940, to meet the needs of users who prefer traditional manual folders. They previously came out with FastBack folding knives, and more premium Hardline folding knives. The Hardlines are decent EDC knives, and the FastBack folding knives decent “who cares if I destroy it” beater knives. The new lockback knife features... Read More
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