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Hitachi to Acquire Metabo Tools


Well it looks to be true from this Hitachi Press Release that controlling interest, 80% of Metabo will soon be acquired by Hitachi. We’d guess both companies would remain intact because the Metabo name is very strong but how will this shake out? Recently we have been very impressed by what Metabo has begun to do in cordless tools, innovating not only the batteries with Li-HD but really stepping up the game in brushless grinders, hammer drills and big plans for new products in 2016.

What does this mean for Metabo’s future, 3 scenarios summarize most power tool brand acquisition. First, if there is a good solid brand that doesn’t need messed with (Metabo definitely is) and the company remains independent with perhaps some back end economies of scale having multiple power tool brands but very little changes. Second, “the scary scenario”, big boxes say we’d love to feature…

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